Current Members

Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev

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Petar Tsankov

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Dana Drachsler Cohen

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Andrei Marian Dan

PhD Student
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Dimitar Dimitrov

PhD Student
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Pavol Bielik

PhD Student
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Timon Gehr

PhD Student
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Rudiger Birkner

PhD Student (co-advised with Laurent Vanbever)
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Matthew Mirman

PhD Student
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Pesho Ivanov

PhD Student
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Benjamin Bichsel

PhD Student
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Mirella Rutz

CAB H86.3
+41 44 632 82 09

Current Thesis/Semester Students

  • Florian Bunzly, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Ensuring safety of cryptocurrencies
  • Benjamin Bichsel, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Semantics of Probabilistic Programs
  • Pavle Djordjevic, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Neural Turing Machines
  • Cedric Baumann, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Program Analysis of Remote Memory Access programs
  • Prabhakaran Santhanam, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Deep Learning for Code
  • Nick Baumann, B.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Fast MAP Inference Algorithms
  • Jingxuan He, Semester Student, Topic: Probabilistic Binary Analysis
  • Past Sabbatical Visitors

    Past Post-Docs

    Past PhD Students

    Past B.Sc./M.Sc. Thesis Students

    • Romy Profanter, Semester Student, Topic: Probabilistic Sequence Algorithms
    • Pascal Wiesmann, B.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Probabilistic Programming
    • Rumen Paletov, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Learning Program Repairs
    • Benjamin Mularczyk, M.Sc. Thesis, Topic: Deep Learning for Programs
    • Cyril Steimer, Topic: Layout Algorithms for Heap Debuggers
    • Matteo Panzacchi, Topic: Efficient Training for Probabilistic Graphical Models
    • Alexandra Maximova, Topic: Synthesis of Functional Programs
    • Attila Printz (B.Sc. thesis), Topic: Program analysis for Weak Memory Models (2015)
    • Benjamin Bichsel (B.Sc. thesis), Topic: Android De-obfuscation (2015)
    • Christian Fehlmann (B.Sc. thesis), Topic: Race Reduction for Event-Driven Applications (2015)
    • Timon Gehr (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: Learning Commutativity Specifications, best M.Sc. thesis in Computer Science (2015)
    • Jeremie Miserez (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: Race Detection for Software Defined Networks
    • Christine Zeller (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: Statistical Tutoring for MOOCs
    • Pascal Roos (B.Sc. thesis), Topic: Effective Statistical Code Completion
    • Gagandeep Singh (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: Fast Algorithms for the Octagon Abstract Domain, best M.Sc. thesis in Computer Science (2014)
    • Pavol Bielik (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: Concurrency Analysis for Android
    • Jibin Ou (M.Sc. thesis), Topic: An Interactive System for Data Structure Development